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Our HUB spots

Please bare with us as we get our hub spots set up;
They will appear on this map as soon as they are live!

How to borrow equipment

Borrowing equipment couldn't be easier, just find the area you are in on our interactive map and click on one of the HUB spots. When you click, you will find the address and contact details for the HUB spot, where you can go and collect the equipment and complete your beach clean. 

Want to apply to become a Seashore HUB Spot? You can find all of the information here.

Partaking in a beach clean is an accessible activity that is both calming and productive. Being by the sea, or near water, brings mental and physical health benefits. As we beach clean, we’re making a difference not just to ourselves, but to the environment.


The statistics of all our cleaning efforts will be available here on the Seashore HUB homepage once we get the project up and running.

Image by Nicholas Bartos

Whether you are a local, a tourist or  you want to get your business/organisation out to do something fun - the equipment is available for everyone!

Litterpick 3.jpg

Our only rules:

The two requirements when checking out the equipment are:

1.  Parties must weigh and upload the amount of litter collected so that we can monitor the amount that is being removed from our coastline

2. Equipment must be returned at the end of the day to allow for the equipment to be checked in and ready for use the following day. Any damage to equipment must be reported to Moray Firth Coastal Partnership so that we can replace or mend as soon as possible.

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