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Seashore HUB

Establishing an inclusive and collaborative beach cleaning presence along the Moray Firth coastline.

What is the Seashore HUB?

The Seashore HUB is a collaborative project between the Highlands & Islands Climate Hub and the Moray Firth Coastal PartnershipThis project will look to equip communities with the resources they need to assist in a collaborative approach to beach cleaning, Additionally, the project will encourage people to get to the beach and enjoy the health benefits. Partaking in a beach clean is an accessible activity that is both calming and productive. Being by the sea, or near water, brings mental and physical health benefits. As we clean the beach , we’re making a difference not just to our own health, but to the environments.

What is a Seashore HUB spot?

Our HUB spots will look to equip communities with the tools they need to collect data on marine litter along the Highland region of the Moray Firth, with community science being a cornerstone of the initiative. The HUB spots will make beach cleaning accessible to anyone that is in the area that wishes to partake in a beach clean,  Those checking out the equipment can choose to take a beach cleaning data collection form or to conduct a volume clean, in which the aim is to collect as much litter as possible.


Equipment available for everyone

Our 'Seashore HUB spots' are innovative and community-driven initiatives that aim to establish beach cleaning equipment spots accessible to the general public. These HUB spots will serve as central locations strategically placed along popular coastal areas, offering beach cleaning tools and equipment that individuals and groups can easily check out. By making these resources readily available, we aim to encourage engagement from local communities, tourists, and beachgoers in keeping our shorelines clean and healthy. Through collaborative efforts, we believe these HUB spots will empower people to take a hands-on role in preserving our marine ecosystems.


Community science

Community science beach cleaning is vital because it empowers people to take direct action in preserving their local environment and contributes to a better understanding of marine pollution and its impact. By involving the community, these initiatives foster a sense of ownership and responsibility, instilling a deeper connection to coastal ecosystems. The data collected through community science efforts can complement official scientific studies and provide valuable insights into patterns of litter distribution, types of debris, and seasonal variations, helping researchers and policymakers design targeted strategies to mitigate marine pollution effectively. 

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Collaboration between communities

Collaboration between communities is essential for beach cleaning and preserving the marine environment as it allows for a more comprehensive and impactful approach to tackling the complex challenges posed by marine pollution. Coastal regions often face shared environmental threats that transcend local boundaries, making collective action more effective than isolated efforts. By working together, communities can pool their resources, knowledge, and expertise, enabling them to conduct larger-scale beach cleanups and data collection initiatives. Collaboration also fosters a sense of unity and shared responsibility, instilling a deeper commitment to the protection of our oceans.

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