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Climate Change

Adapting to a new climate

We are in a climate emergency. The effects of the changing climate can be seen and felt all along our coast and in our seas. The marine environment is already seeing the impacts of the 0.7degree increase in global temperatures and it is seen in the changes in marine wildlife, plants and the physical impacts on our coast. The Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership has a wealth of information on their website and a particularly interesting set of Impact Report Cards. Nature Scot have a wealth of information on the effects on plants and animals.


Climate Ready Scotland is the Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme, focused on preparing Scotland for the challenges that we face in relation to climate change.


The Just Transition Commission has been set up to advise on a net zero economy and the impacts that this will have on communities and business.  Please see our Economy page for more information on how the Moray Firth Coastal Partnership is approching this vision.

The Highlands and Islands Climate Hub, serving the Highlands region, and MorayCAN, focused on Moray, are dedicated climate organisations committed to fostering community-led climate action. While MorayCAN is currently in the developmental stage, the Highlands and Islands Climate Hub has successfully solidified its presence as a well-established entity. These organisations strive to empower local communities to take proactive steps towards addressing and mitigating climate challenges, promoting sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Both Transition Black Isle and Transition Town Forres are taking huge steps towards sustainability locally and the Scottish Climate Change Action Network and Adaptation Scotland have a wealth of resources including a interactive visual of a climate ready coast.

What we will do

We will engage with projects, business, and people to take measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change and other changes and will focus on sharing information to enable our communities to build resilience for years to come. We will promote the research and development of blue carbon storage in helping tackle climate change

How will we know we have achieved our vision

We have clear measures and recognition in place to celebrate success and provide benchmarks for sustainability for communities and businesses that have taken significant measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change, building resilience for the future.

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