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Dynamic Coast

Our coast forms the frontier between land and sea. In the Moray Firth, 800km of coastline is formed of SandShingle, and Rock. The varied beaches are affected by the movement of the sea, and the influence of the estuaries and rivers.

Developments along the coastline need to be managed with care, balancing the need for business and the economy, with the direct impact on coastal habitats.

Coastal erosion plays a major role in some areas and Scotland’s Coastal Change Assessment, shows areas at risk. Further information on planning & development in coastal areas is available from NatureScot, and from The Highland Council.

Flooding is also of major concern for some communities.  Flood maps and Flood Risk Management Strategies are published by the  Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

What we will do

We will work with communities, business, and organisations to ensure that coastal changes are recognised and competing interests acknowledged as we form sustainable and appropriate solutions

How we will know we have achieved our vision

Communities at risk of flooding and erosion have mitigation, emergency and adaptation plans in place to manage risk.

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