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Our Firth, Our Seashore

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The Our Firth, Our Seashore project aims to promote community group engagement and empower Highland communities to take ownership of their coastal environment.

Through the means of marine education workshops, the creation of educational video clips and a series of beach cleaning events - the project will look to work with the Highland community's schools, businesses, and stakeholders to remove increasingly damaging litter from the Moray Firth shore.

Project funded through Highland Coastal Communities Fund, administered by Highland Council

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Beach Cleans

We want to keep the beaches of the Moray Firth looking beautiful and make sure our oceans are safe for marine wildlife.

Through a series of beach clean activities; the project hopes to engage the local community to action on the coastal litter issue highlighted during the SCRAPbook project.


Beach cleans are not only good for the health of the oceans; they offer the chance to improve our own mental and physical health by connecting with our natural world and being active on our coastline. 


Marine Education

Our marine education projects will aim to promote critical and creative thinking skills and inspire our future leaders to become more engaged with their marine environment.

We want to help the next generations understand why the environment is important and provide them with the building blocks they need to live more envirnoment-friendly, sustainable lifestyles.

''We are excited to be launching the Our Firth, Our Seashore project as we feel it has so much to offer to the community of the Highlands.

Working with individuals, schools, and businesses in the area to bring them closer to the importance of our marine environment offers the chance to take a huge step towards making the Moray Firth the most sustainable marine region in Scotland – our goal for 2030.

This is a fantastic opportunity to bring people with an interest in conserving our marine environment together and raise awareness of the impacts we are having on our oceans''

Drew Ferguson

(Marine Conservation and Engagement Co-Ordinator)

Get Involved

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with the project; please do not hesitate to get in touch!  |  Tel: 07873709419

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