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A collaborative project between the Highlands & Islands Climate Hub and the Moray Firth Coastal Partnership
About the project

The stretch of coastline that covers the Moray Firth is vast, with many variations in both physical appearance and impacts of marine debris. To continue keeping our coastlines healthy, it is important that we establish a cohesive approach to bring together communities to tackle the issue. This project will look to equip communities with the resources they need to assist in a collaborative approach to beach cleaning, where all the data collected from each area will be available on the Seashore HUB.

The citizen science data collected will help to contribute to the ‘data gap’ that is present in the north of Scotland. The data collected could be instrumental in influencing policy and changes on our coastlines. Additionally, the project will encourage people to get to the beach and enjoy the health benefits. Partaking in a beach clean is an accessible activity that is both calming and productive. Being by the sea, or near water, brings mental and physical health benefits. As we clean the beach , we’re making a difference not just to our own health, but to the environments.

The HUB spots will create a space to borrow equipment to collect data on marine litter along the highland region of the Moray Firth, with citizen science being a cornerstone of the initiative. The HUB spots will make beach cleaning accessible to anyone that is in the area that wishes to partake in a beach clean. Those checking out the equipment can choose to take a beach cleaning data collection form or to conduct a volume clean, in which the aim is to collect as much litter as possible.

We are currently investigating a pilot project focused on upcycling marine litter in the Highland region of the Moray Firth during our dedicated beach cleaning activities. With a commitment to combatting ocean pollution, we have embarked on a mission to transform the discarded waste found on our shores into valuable and sustainable resources. Through this project, we aim to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of marine litter while actively engaging local communities in hands-on environmental stewardship. By collecting and repurposing items such as plastic bottles, fishing nets, and potentially other debris, we hope to promote a circular economy but also encourage a shift in perspective, turning marine litter from a problem into a solution. This will help us as we work together towards a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant coastal ecosystem.

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Beach Cleanup


Establish a beach cleaning presence along the Moray Firth coastline by working with communities, organisations, and businesses to create a collaborative approach in ensuring a clean coastline.

What do I need to become a HUB spot?

Availability to store equipment: We will be providing each HUB spot with a set of litter picking equipment, you must be able to store this somewhere that it can be kept safe.

Attend training day: We will provide a training day on your local beach to provide the HUB and any locals wanting to find out how to beach clean to spread the word that there is equipment available at a facility nearby, you must be able to attend training.

Availability to collect equipment: For the HUB spot to be efficient the equipment must be available a reasonable amount of time during the week for collection and return.

Provide contact details: You must give consent for contact details being made available through the HUB website for the public – name, number, email address, address & opening times.

Upload data and photos: You must upload any data that has not been input by the volunteers to the seashore HUB that is collected over the period of the month.

Commit to getting involved: We need you to be the guardian of your specific stretch of land! We want you to take pride in keeping your coastline clean and engage with your community to promote beach cleaning and borrowing your equipment.


How to apply

Complete the below expression of interest form and submit to

Seashore HUB EOI
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