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Golspie Beach Clean

Car bumpers, fireworks and knitting needles were just some of the more unusual items found by the bands of adventurous volunteers who took part in the “Beach Guardians” September 2005 beach cleans.  

 Local communities cleaned and surveyed beaches at Golspie, Hopeman, Spey Bay and Sandhaven, with support from the Moray Firth Partnership’s “Beach Guardians” project.

 In Sandhaven, the heavy showers were not enough to dampen the spirits of over 30 people mainly from the local community who took part.   Within a couple of hours the survey was complete and a large quantity of rubbish collected. The happy beachcleaners then gathered at the local pub for a well-earned hot drink and a snack.  Many of the youngsters present were keen to get back to work, quickly donning their yellow waistcoats and dragging the adults out of the warm for another clean- up session.

In Golspie, the enthusiastic team of 36 volunteers included the local Beavers and Golspie Guides.  They quickly got to work cleaning and surveying a 100m stretch of beach by the Pier, with the children taking part in a mini competition to see who could find the most unusual objects.  After two hours the group the groups stopped for snacks, tired but satisfied after a fun and productive morning’s activities.

At the final count, the groups had collected 29 bags of rubbish, weighing in at just under 150kg.  Metal pieces, from spanners to grates and car parts, were the most commonly found items in Sandhaven, amounting to almost half of the total collected.  In Golspie, carelessly discarded plastic bottles and crisp bags were top of the list, with plastics accounting for over half of the rubbish collected. 

 In total, in just a few hours, nearly 1000 items of litter were removed, making the Moray Firth Beaches a safer, cleaner environment for local people, visitors and marine wildlife.

This was a great start for the three-year “Beach Guardians” project which aims to help communities get to grips with the problem of litter on their local beaches.  Managed by the Moray Firth Partnership, “Beach Guardians” will be working with local groups all along the coast from Fraserburgh to John O’Groats. 

 The September “Beach Guardians” beach cleans took place as part of the Marine Conservation Society’s annual “Beachwatch” weekend.  Details of the quantity and type of litter found will be returned to the Marine Conservation Society for analysis and comparison with other beaches in the area .  





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In addition to these surveys / clean-ups, we also provided practical support (in the form of loan of litter pickers, buckets and supply of gloves) for a survey/clean-up at Spey Bay in Moray.

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