Improving Moray Firth Information Resources

With funding support from Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd, the Partnership has been able to take forward a programme of work to improve the information resources on the Firth.  This work will:

  1. develop the range, quality and presentation of information available via the MFP website, so that it provides a “one stop shop” for local people, visitors, resource users, developers, education establishments, government and agencies, and a useful interactive portal to information resources relating to the Moray Firth;
  2. provide a means of presenting information gathered via the MFP’s new project “Towards marine planning & sustainable marine tourism & recreation development in the Moray Firth” (July 08-July 09). This will include survey information on marine resources and activities, a marine traffic survey, and economic value data;
  3. add value to other evolving local, Scottish and UK level information systems relating to the marine and coastal environment through contributing relevant data; and
  4. help raise the profile of the Partnership’s and other’s work on integrated coastal zone management, and assist future marine planning initiatives.

Main activities

  • Review, update and index relevant information held by MFP and make web-accessible.
  • Develop dedicated, themed web pages on existing MFP website as portals to organised information. Each page would include a brief overview and guide to existing information, plus links and downloads, with a structured menu.
  • Gather information on these themes for upload /create links (including information gathered as part of the separate Sustainable Marine Recreation and Tourism project)
  • Develop an electronic, web-accessible Moray Firth Directory, listing main organisations businesses, associations and groups round the firth, their location and activities, and the publicly available information resources they hold.
  • Create an ongoing register of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) relevant to the Moray Firth.
  • Create a set of “triggers”, so that other stakeholders are “primed” to forward relevant new information to the MFP automatically when it appears (e.g. EIA’s, biodiversity reports, etc)
  • Develop a search facility on key words, or locate spatially referenced information
  • Source additional information for download / as links through this portal (e.g. recent strategic reports by HIE, Councils, SNH; environmental statements; oil company data; Aberdeen University Lighthouse Field Station publications, etc)
  • Explore options and costs for (a) creating a small MFP film library / cataloguing of existing images, and (b) for providing public information and guidance on sources of dolphin related images and film footage