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Located in a picturesque part of Scotland and bordering areas designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest and international importance, RAF Kinloss takes environmental protection and conservation very seriously. To endorse this the Station has written an environmental protection policy statement and action plan. Against these the Stations environment performance is measured by the Environmental Protection Action Group and the Station Energy and Environmental Officer. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency, regularly take samples from each of the Stations outfalls which flow into Findhorn Bay. This provides an independent check on the Stations performance.

Within the last 3 years, £2 million has been spent on pollution prevention measures. A further £2.5 million will be spent over the next few years on additional measures. These are designed to protect Findhorn Bay in the event of an accidental release of polluting substances from the Station. Trials on the use of more environmentally friendly products, particularly those use for de-icing are progressing. (Since this was written the trials have been successfully completed and the new chemical is now being used.)

In the event of a pollution incident on Station, the fuel spill plan is initiated. This plan provides a well rehearsed routine, specialised equipment and trained personnel. Pollution would be contained at source and prevented from reaching the outfalls. Using different scenarios, regular exercises are carried out to test the efficiency of the plan and those involved. Any weaknesses are highlighted and immediately rectified.

A variety of flora and fauna, some of which are quite rare, can be found within the Station boundaries. Volunteers and members of the Conservation Committee identify and catalogue the different species. Once located they can be protected from accidental damage. The Conservation Committee is hoping to open an information centre in the near future. This will be open to members of the public.

The Station is proactive in its approach to environmental protection and conservation. It has in place a self auditing system which quickly identifies problem areas. This keeps the Station in control of its potential pollutants.


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