Completed Projects





Seafood Study

Aug 2013 

The aims of this short scoping study were:-

1) to gather more information about the local situation round the Moray Firth and North coast areas regarding the availability of and demand for local seafood produce;

2) to identify if there was support for proposals to increase the availability of locally landed seafood;

3) to generate ideas and links, and to develop specific proposals for practical, local actions as part of an integrated and sustainable seafood project that would complement and add impetus to ongoing national initiatives.

Executive Summary

Full Report Available on Request 

Moray Firth Gansey Project

Dec 2012 

The Gansey Project set out to find, record and conserve gansey patterns from around the Moray Firth coast; to pass on the skills to a new generation and to increase local income generation, training and employment.  Click here for more information on the project outcomes.


Engaging with Young People


As part of a wider communications and member / volunteer development strategy, this programme of work, part-funded by Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd, has enabled us to look at ways of improving communication and create practical opportunities for people to get involved. 


Improving the Moray Firth Information Resource


The new look site is part of a programme of work to improve the Moray Firth information resource.  As well as themed pages to guide you to information, the website will host a number of new resources including the Moray Firth Directory, Moray Firth Harbours Directory, an Environmental Impact Assessment Inventory and other key data about the Moray Firth.


Sustainable Marine Tourism


The final report "Towards Sustainable Recreation, Tourism and Conservation of the Moray Firth" presents up to date information about the current uses and resources of the Moray Firth to inform future (spatial) marine planning issues in the Moray Firth, with particular regard to marine and coastal recreation.  The findings from the various component studies which informed this report, provide a baseline to chart current activities and to consider potential future activity levels, based on projected increases in population, tourism, recreational access opportunities, marine traffic etc. The aim of the report is to provide information to help stakeholders identify potential strategic sustainable tourism and recreational development opportunities.  The report also identifies examples of potential "hot spots" or pressure points, particularly where further management initiatives may be required.

Report (2.7MB pdf) Appendices 

Bottlenose Dolphin Economic Survey


Carried out by University of Aberdeen / Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability, the report shows that the Moray Firth east coast bottlenose dolphin population adds at least £4m pa to the Scottish Economy. The report is available free to the public via the MFP and other partner websites.


Eco Schools Project


Worked with 10 coastal schools, in liaison with Eco-Schools officer, to help them achieve Bronze/ Silver Eco-School Awards. Work continues to support schools with talks, beach cleans etc.

 1.8MB pdf

Moray Firth SAC Management Scheme Revision 2


MFP was the lead partner undertaking the revision of the management guidelines for the MF SAC, dolphin and sandbank interest.

1MB pdf 

Traditional Boat Workshop


Following the success of the Flotilla, a workshop was held in 2009 to teach traditional boat building and restoration skills to new generations.

 40kb pdf

Beach Guardians


Focused on identifying sources of coastal litter and engaging with communities and businesses to reduce litter at source. Work continues through other projects.

Web Site

Nortrail/Moray Firth Trail


The “Moray Firth Trail Project” (2005 – 2008) was one of 26 partner areas from six countries in the international “North Sea Trail” Project, which promoted the development of coastal trails, provided information on access and sites of interest, and encouraged walking as part of a healthier lifestyle. 


Moray Firth Flotilla


As part of the Highland Year of Culture (2007), the MFP Flotilla of traditional boats sailed from Wick around the coasts to Portsoy to highlight the importance of the sea as a means of transport and communication and the importance of a healthy environment.


Fisheries Action Group


 The MFFAG was established by the Moray Firth Partnership to provide a neutral forum to discuss a range of issues affecting fishing in the Firth, from seals to fisheries stocks and windfarms.

 693kb pdf

MFP Members Leaflet


 The Partnership produce an up to date informative members leaflet reflective of the new improved benefits both to the members and the Moray Firth as a result of their membership.


Adding Value to Local Produce


A ground-breaking conference that investigated opportunities to enhance and add value to the produce of the Moray Firth, including the consideration of a Moray Firth brand.


Dolphin Echo Newsletter


Funded by the BG group, the newsletter provides lively and current information about the Moray Firth’s dolphins


Hands across the Firth: The Moray Firth’s Coastal Heritage


An innovative Heritage Lottery Funded project that aimed to improve access to the Firths heritage and link heritage projects. Produced the audience Development Plan and a basket of heritage projects to be developed, the first of which is the gansey project.


Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Demonstration


The MFP set up a number of public and sectoral consultation meetings in 2004 - 2005 on behalf of Talisman regarding their planned pilot offshore wind farm development.


Dolphin Defenders


This educational outreach project encouraged people to make small lifestyle changes that would, cumulatively, have a big impact on protecting the Firth and its wildlife.


Cromarty Firth Data Project


A project aimed at meeting the demand for better access to information about the Cromarty Firth and for a more positive and proactive approach to development in the area.

63 kb pdf