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On the left you will find links to company documents, publications, resources and general information relating to the Moray Firth.  If you have any coastal and marine news to share or local events to publicise, please let us know. The Moray Firth Partnership is now on Facebook....please head over and take a look.  All feedback is welcome.

Current News

Great British Beach Clean September 2017

Many thanks to all the Moray Firth volunteers who participated in the Great British Beach Clean! Thousands of volunteers around the UK have made our beaches cleaner and healthier for all! If you can't wait until next year, the Marine Conservation Society organise beach cleans all year round and you can organise your own too...more...

Scotland's Got the Bottle!  05/09/2017

Scottish businesses, charities, social enterprises and local government have lined up to welcome the First Minister’s announcement during today’s Programme for Government speech that Scottish Ministers will introduce a deposit return system for Scotland. Read more....

Scottish Landings Target: Review of Economic Link Licence Condition Consultation Closes 31 Oct 2107   04-09-2017

Scottish Government propose to amend the current economic link licence condition in fishing vessel licences to strengthen the benefits that flow from fish quotas and fishing activities by placing greater emphasis on landings into Scotland. Read more....

Scottish Rural Action Conference 19th & 20th September     01-09-2017

Scottish Rural Action’s 2017 conference will focus on the future of rural development. Attendees will be able to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by Brexit; think about how the rural economy should work; and empower Scottish Rural Action to engage with upcoming Scottish and UK policy developments on behalf of over 1 million people in Scotland who live in rural areas.  Read more....

Scottish Creel Fishing Effort Survey Published    31-08-2017

Marine Scotland carried out surveys of creel fishing activity on the west coast and east coast, with summary findings being presented at the Inshore Fisheries Conference earlier this year. The final report on this study has now been published, and is available to view/download here.

Dynamic Coast: Scotland’s National Coastal Change Assessment    07-08-2017

A new mapping tool that highlights threats to Scotland's coastline...more...

Scottish Natural Heritage Position Statement on Marine Planning  25-07-2017

The statement sets out SNH's key messages and their view on what marine planning is, what it could be, what it can do for nature, and what that in turn can do for people and businesses. Read the statement here.

Jellyfish Survey Season  24-07-2017

There have been some magnificent images in the press of jellyfish washed up on our beaches. In Scotland, we have a number of regular jellyfish visitors, identifiable by their striking shapes and patterns. If you spot any jellyfish in our coastal waters or on the beach, you can report the sighting to the Marine Conservation Societys Jellyfish Survey. A great beach activity but remember to look, don't touch!! If you don't know your moon from your lions mane, you can download the Jellyfish ID Guide to help you figure out what kind of jellyfish you've found.

UK Government confirms legislation forthcoming to ban microbeads    21-07-2017

The UK government has proposed a ban on microbeads - good news for the environment and a positive sign of the UK's global leadership on ocean plastics. Eyes will be on the details of the ban in legislation coming forward in Autumn 2017. Read more....

Publication of summary responses to UK Gov microbeads consultation  21-07-2017

Defra, the Scottish Government, the Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs in Northern Ireland have published the summary of responses to the consultation on proposals to ban the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products in the UK. The summary of responses are available here.

North Sea Cod Now Certified Sustainable 19-07-2017

A recovery from near total collapse has led North Sea cod stocks to be labelled as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council for the first time in 20 years.  Read more...

Funding rate increase announced by Moray LEADER  06-07-2017

Moray LEADER has announced an increase in the funding rate at for projects that strengthen the local economy and build capacity in Moray’s communities. The Moray Local Action Group (LAG), who run the programme, have decided to boost that rate from 50% to 70%.  Read more....

Beatrice Decommissioning Environmental Impact Assessment  30-05-2017

The Beatrice consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment scoping report has launched.  Read more...