Managing the Firth

The Scottish coastal region is of immense and diverse natural beauty and environmental value. In addition, however, the coastal zone is a focus of major industrial activity, particularly in estuaries which offer sheltered coastal sections and low-lying land for development. Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is a multidisciplinary approach to the sustainable management of the coasts. It is all about co-ordinating how we manage the resources and activities in this environment. In 2002, the EU made recommendations on the implementation of ICZM based around a set of core principles, that is: an approach that considers the consequences of human activities at the coast; is inclusive; fitting to local needs, and has national and regional backing. In Scotland, ICZM has been implemented by Local Coastal Partnerships. Marine Scotland Science undertakes monitoring, research and regulation on certain coastal activities.

The management of the Moray Firth involves many public bodies, private organisations and a variety of interest groups representing all aspects of life around the Firth. The Partnership works closely with these organisations to promote a more integrated approach to the management of the Firth.

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