The Partnership is YOUR organisation, working for your area. If you would like to support and get involved in the work of the Moray Firth Partnership, why not become a member? 

Membership is free and is open to everyone with an interest in the Firth and its future.  Simply complete the application form below (either electronically and return by email or print and post).

Membership Application Form (Microsoft Word 79kb)

What's in it for you?

  • Members updates with the opportunity to contribute articles and opinions on the Firths management
  • Access to copies of all Partnership publications and reports
  • Invitations to attend seminars and work groups
  • The right to vote on company matters at the Annual General Meeting
  • Use of the Partnership network to make contact with authorities, organisations and user groups
  • Opportunities for volunteering, learning and having a great time while working together and sharing ideas and best practise

Your membership enables the Moray Firth Partnership to:

  • Encourage and improve the exchange of information and ideas related to the Firth
  • Help identify and resolve issues through the neutral and impartial forum, which the Partnership provides
  • Implement the Moray Firth Management Guidelines and Action Programme through developing projects
  • Promote understanding of integrated coastal zone management issues
  • Demonstrate a widespread commitment to sustainable use and development of the area

For more details please contact us.