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Herring gulls are perhaps the most familiar of seabirds, often living near to people. Their natural diet consists of animals from the seashore, but they also take other opportunities for food and are well-known scavengers at rubbish dumps. Discarded fish remains from fishing boats have been an important additional source of food in recent years for herring gulls and other seabirds.

Herring gulls will nest in a variety of places - building nests on cliffs, sand dunes, flat islands or buildings. Their nests may be a few wisps of grass, or more substantial amounts of plant material. They usually nest in noisy colonies, with individual birds defending their territory aggressively against other herring gulls or any other intruder.

Herring gulls behave in many different ways towards one another, using their voice and their bodies to communicate. If you can watch herring gulls in a coastal town near you, see if you can work out what they might be using their voice and body to say.


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