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Global warming has led to renewed sea-level rise and increased storminess. Whilst future trends remain unclear, these effects may lead to long-term erosion and flooding of coastal areas. In the short term, the coastline continues to evolve under the influence of wind and waves. Vast quantities of sand, mud and shingle are transported along the coast, causing erosion in some places and sedimentation in others. At Culbin, for example, the land is eroded by up to 1 metre a year, whilst spits and bars form to the mouths of rivers as the sediment is laid down. Growing populations and economic development place increasing pressure on the environment, calling for the management of the coastline and its resources. We currently manage our coast in isolated sections, separated by artificial boundaries. The sea, however, knows no such boundaries and events in one section of the coast have significant impacts upon others. To ensure a secure and healthy future for the Firth, we must work together to provide wise and integrated management of this valuable ever-changing environment.


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