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Findhorn, the Moray village situated on the shore of Findhorn Bay, is some four miles from Forres. Once a bustling port with trading ships discharging cargo from afar and fishing boats landing their daily catch, Findhorn has been transformed over the years into a peaceful haven.

OspreyHere, there is something for everyone: safe water for the dinghy sailor, windsurfer and water-skier and an anchorage for yachts. Anglers enjoy the tranquillity of their sport as they fish for trout and finnock, while children ever hopefully dangle their lines off the pier to tempt a wee crab or flounder to take their bait. Overhead, the most dramatic fisher of all, the Osprey hovers, surveying the water, then plunges deep to secure a catch of salmon or trout which it will then carry to the nearby forest to feed its young.

Findhorn Bay is of special importance to the ornithologist, supporting significant numbers of wildfowl and wading birds throughout the year with particular interest during the winter as a haven for certain visiting geese and duck. The botanist can relish the wide variety of plant species to be found in the area which also supports an outstanding diversity of fungi and lichens.

Seals can be seen regularly basking on the sandbanks of the North Shore, which further out in the Moray Firth, the resident bottlenose dolphins cavort in air and water to the delight of passing yachtsmen. The North Shore and sand-dunes provide many miles of open space for those who enjoy peace and freedom to walk and savour the ever changing beauty of the sea shore.

Tradition has it that the present village is the third seaport to bear the name Findhorn. Many have speculated on the position of the first village. Theories abound and theories they remain as no concrete evidence from maps, charts or literature remains to pinpoint the exact position of the original village.


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