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Dornoch Firth and Loch Fleet Ramsar site.

The Dornoch Firth qualifies as a Ramsar site, alongside Loch Fleet, because it supports a variety of important wetland features. It is a particularly good example of an east coast firth and , unlike other nearby firths, has been relatively unaffected by industrial developments. Morrich More is one of the most outstanding coastal sites in Britain. It is especially noteworthy for the development of an extensive low-level sandy plain on which a set of parabolic dunes are superimposed.

The site supports at least five Nationally Scarce wetland plants, at least two wetland Red Data Book species of invertebrate and the mammals found include common seal and otter.

The site regularly supports over 20,000 wintering waterfowl, which includes internationally important populations of Icelandic greylag goose, Wigeon and Bar-tailed Godwit. The wintering populations also include nationally important numbers of Teal, Eider and Curlew, and in the summer it is also a nationally important feeding area for Osprey.

The importance of the Dornoch Firth for wild birds (as detailed above) means that it has also qualified as a Special Protection Area.

The Dornoch Firth Ramsar site and Special Protection Area includes the following Sites of Special Scientific Interest: Dornoch Firth, Morrich More and Tarbat Ness.



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