Seafood See Here!

In the UK, the majority of seafood landed is exported, but the majority of seafood we eat is imported. Recent scoping studies (link) revealed that there was local demand for Scottish seafood, but it was either not readily available, or the sources were not well enough known.

To help address this, we identified a range of measures as part of a joined up approach to help increase the availability of, and demand for locally landed seafood.

Before promoting a seafood trail, preliminary work was needed to make local seafood more easily available, and increase the amount and quality of seafood offered in local restaurants and shops. “Sea Food – See Here!” was a capacity building project, prior to a major seafood drive and marketing activity as part of the East Scotland Seafood Trail.

The list of contacts and the results of our scoping study questionnaires across the seafood sector provides a strong basis to start the project. The Moray Firth Partnership manager will provide overall project management and support in conjunction with a Project Steering Group. Contracted-in support will help deliver this project. We expect to appoint two or more main project workers (or one organisation that can provide staff) who will be responsible to the MFP Manager / the project Steering Group for delivering the project.

If you would like to take part in any way please contact us on tel. 01463 725028