Renewable Energy Further Information

The following links provide more information on renewables in the Moray Firth:

The Offshore Wind Scotland web site provides provide up-to-the-minute signposting for all information relating to the Scottish offshore wind industry. The portal includes a DVD, case studies, news stories and an interactive map showing Scotland's offshore wind sites, key infrastructure and current projects. The web site contains all the information you need on the sector including details on infrastructure and supply chain development as well as innovation and skills.

Clean and Green: Renewable Energy and the Moray Firth
Calum Davidson, Head of Key Sectors, Highland and Islands Enterprise, presentation to MFP Annual Conference May 2008.

Crown Estate Scotland
As owner of the UK seabed out to the 12 nautical mile territorial sea limit and with rights under the Energy Act 2004 to licence the generation of renewable energy in the Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) on the UK’s continental shelf to 200 nautical miles, The Crown Estate plays an important part in the development of the UK’s renewable energy industry. Information on offshore windfarms, wave and tidal energy in Scottish Waters.

Scottish Natural Heritage - Renewables
Scottish Natural Heritage supports the development of renewable energy. On the linked pages you will find further information on SNHs approach to renewable energy, the different technologies and their potential impacts on Scotland's nature and landscapes. You can also read and download copies of guidnace and policy documents as well as all responses SNH have made to renewable energy consultations.

Scottish Government Policy on Renewables