Codes of Conduct

There are voluntary codes of conduct in place for the various activities that go on in the Moray Firth.  Here we provide links to the ones that are of most relevance to the general public.  These are not laws or statutory regulations but are intended to raise awareness, foster good practise and offer practical guidance where appropriate.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code
Know the Code before you go!!  The main messages from the access code are to take responsibility for your own actions; respect the interests of other people; and care for the environment.

Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code
Designed for all those who watch marine wildlife around Scotland – whether they are on the shore or at sea.

Dolphin Space Programme
Two sets of codes (inner and outer Moray Firth) for tour boat operators but of relevance and interest to the general public.

Wild Scotland - Sea Kayaking Best Practice Guidelines
Designed by the Scottish Wildlife and Adventure Tourism Association to help sea-kayakers enjoy wildlife watching without causing disturbance.

Inverness Canoe Club Code of Conduct - Moray Firth Dolphins
This local code of conduct complements the standard environmental access advice from the Scottish Canoe Association

Wildlife Safe Scheme (WiSe)
A training and accreditation scheme for operators of passenger pleasure craft, wildlife cruise operators, dive boats and charter yachts who come into contact with marine wildlife.

The GreenBlue Codes of Conduct Guides
The Green Blue has a selection of leaflets and resources available to boaters, clubs, businesses and instructors. Codes of Conduct guides were developed for Inland and Coastal users, the Code of Conduct stickers guide boaters through the basics of being green on board.

Personal Watercraft Codes of Conduct
Produced by Ride the Wave Right, providing advice for safe and responsible PWC riding, information on the history and evolution of PWC, as well as ideas for recreational PWC activities, tips on how to be environmentally friendly on the water and information on the use of personal watercraft for life saving.

Fossil Collecting Code
Provides advice on best practice in the collection, identification, conservation and storage of fossil specimens found in Scotland. The Code also aims to enhance public interest in the fossil heritage of Scotland and promote this resource for scientific, educational and recreational purposes.

Dog Walking Guidance
The Scootish Outdoor Access website gives practical guidance for dog owners and land managers.