Flotilla Boats

'Am fairly teen up wi’ the thought o’ a the sail boats comin doon the Firth. Ma Granda eest te gies yarns o’ the aul days fin ere wis a’ the broon sails o’ the heerin boats, it wis a sicht for sair een. I misell mine fan ye quid wa’k o’er the decks o’ the boats in maist o’ the hairbers here. Scaffies, Zulus, Fifies an syne drifters, fit a sicht.'
Whitehills dialect, Lena Brown

'I'm in me gantach aboot the notion a a thon sailboats cummin doon the furth. Me bouba used tull yarn about the all days fan there wis a the bakkit broon sails a the aiyreen yulls. It wis a gran sicht. I minds mesel a the yullayes in maist a the piers 'ere. Scoffies, Zulus, Fifies an drifters tee. Whut a sicht.'
Avoch dialect, Jane Patience

English translation
'I am excited about the idea of all the sail boats coming down the Firth. My Grandfather used to tell tales of the old days when there were all the brown sails of the herring boats - it was a marvelous sight. I myself remember when you could walk across the decks of the boats in most of the harbours here. Scaffies, Zulus, Fifies and then drifters, what a sight.'

  The Historic Boats        
  Built Name Type Port  
  1884 Johanna Smack Faroes  
  1890 Arbroath Isabella Fortuna Fifie Wick  
  1896 Arbroath Glad Tidings Fifie Faversham  
  1900 Lerwick The Swan Fifie Lerwick  
  1902 Reaper Fifie Anstruther  
  1910 Walkerdale Cobble Buckie  
  1911 Clan Gordon Skiff Loch Fyne  
  1912 Deerness Broad Bay Shetland Yole Stornoway  
  1916 White Wing Fifie Anstruther  
  1931 Lerwick Pilot Us Seine Net Fifie Lerwick  
  1935 Fraserburgh Liberty Fifie Portsoy  
  The Replica Boats        
  Built  Original Date Name Type Port
  1990 1880 Sara Jane Shetland Fourene Portsoy
  1994 Lewis 1900 An Sulaire Ness Yole Stornoway
      Knut 150y old Norwegian  
  1996 Portsoy 1896 Portknockie Obair na Ghaol Scaffie Portsoy
  2000 Portsoy 1800s Black Gold Yawl Portsoy
  2004 Alness 1800s Shetland New Dawn Shetland yole Golspie
  1989   Misty Morn Cornish Shrimper Whitby
  The Classic Boats        
  Built Name Type Port  
  1951 Pleiades Gaff Rigged Cutter Portsoy  
  1952 Aurelia Sloop Arisaig  
  1971 Spey 1 Motor Criuser Inverness  
  1971 Dolphin of Solway Motor Sailer Findochty  
  1973 Solan Sloop Scrabster  
  1976 Artemis   Wick  
  1978 Skye Trailer Sailer Banff  
  1980 Mrs Muir Motor Cruiser    
  1980 Dormouse of Wight Motor Cruiser Poole  
  1994 Grey Seal      
    Paragon II      
    Gypsy Maiden      MORE