Under the Surface

What lives under the surface of the sea on our doorstep? We know about the dolphins that break the surface occasionally, the seals that show their heads above water or haul out onto sand banks and the birds that take short dips below the surface to feed. We also catch fish, scallops, lobsters and crabs to eat. But what else is down there?

Under the Surface Banner 4: Soft BottomsIt is in fact a wonderland of colourful and spectacular animals and plants, as this exhibition shows. 'Under the Surface' is a visual celebration of the marine biodiversity of the Moray Firth. Twenty large banners were produced as part of the 'Sea Cromarty Sparkle' celebrations and fixed on walls around the streets of Cromarty during the summer months of 2007.

As well as stunning pictures of the animals and plants themselves, some banners demonstrate how the underwater world can be enjoyed and how it should be restored and cared for.

Under the Surface Banner 5: Rocky BottomsDue to public demand, the Banners remained hanging in Cromarty until December 2007 but with funding from the Moray Firth Partnership, a second set of banners were produced to allow communities around the Moray Firth to borrow and display.  We now have five sets of smaller 50 cm square banners, suited for internal display, as well as the two sets of one metre square banners intended for outdoor use.

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If you are interested in loaning the banners or posters, please contact the Partnership for further information.

Under the Surface Banner 1 Under the Surface Banner 8: Flower Gardens Under the Surface Banner 11: Mans Larder Under the Surface Banner 17: A Fragile System Under the Surface Banner 20: thanks