Dolphin Defenders 2004 - 2005

The Dolphin Defenders project was launched in June 2004, with funding from BP. Managed by the Moray Firth Partnership, the campaign asked all residents of the Moray Firth to pledge to change something about their behaviour that could affect the dolphins and their environment. The campaign included 3 elements: a pledge poster and website where people could make their pledge; a schools programme offering Moray Firth schools a dolphin ‘tool kit’, workshop and encouragement to enter a competition for the most effective ‘dolphin defenders team’ and a media programme that delivered a regular flow of newsworthy and informative articles in the local media. The project was a successful contribution to the delivery of the Scheme of Management for the Special Area of Conservation for bottlenose dolphins and achieved or exceeded most of its pre-set targets.

The Dolphin Defenders Schools Toolkit has been produced as a PDF document making it possible for teachers to download direct. Download worksheets (1.2MB pdf). The Dolphin Defenders Campaign final project report is also available to download (139kb).

Further information on how you can help dolphins, for example what to do if you see a stranded dolphin, can be found on the Dolphin Defenders web site.