Traditional Boat Repair Workshop 2009

Moray Firth Partnership organised a workshop for people interested in repairing boats built to traditional designs. The event tookplace in Helmsdale on 29th and 30th June 2009.

Participants at Boat Workshop in Helmsdale

The two-day course was be led by John Cameron, a renowned craftsman based in Lybster and focussed on how to replace damaged or rotted timbers, led participants through the skills of extracting the damaged parts, choosing the right materials for repair and then shaping and putting in place the new material. Marine quality larch and oak were sourced from Cromartie Sawmill at Strathpeffer for practical demonstration on an existing hull.

Participants at Boat Resoration Workshop, Helmsdale

This event was a follow-on from the Moray Firth Flotilla held in 2007, which was almost entirely comprised of traditionally built boats. The event was timed to slot in between the Wick Harbourfest that was held on 26-28 June, and the Traditional Boat Festival in Portsoy in the latter part of that week to maximise potential for many of the boats en passage between Wick and Portsoy to call in to Helmsdale. The event also coincided with the Helmsdale Harbour Gala, organised by the Harbour Users Association. Those who were around when the Flotilla called at Helmsdale two years ago will recall the wonderful reception given to sailors and landlubbers alike and the wide variety of attractions on offer.

An event of this nature inevitably called on cash funds and the Partnership was very grateful for the financial support of Ithaca Energy, principal sponsors, which made it all possible. Ithaca were been joined by many others on a smaller scale and we salute and thank them all.