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Landscape fashioned by geology - Northeast Scotland, Published 2009

Bowfiddle Rock (c) Ian Sargeant

The area described in this book extends northeast from the Cairngorms, and is bounded by the Moray Firth and the North Sea. It encompasses the heather-clad mountains that provide the backdrop to the beautiful landscape of Royal Deeside and a swath of more remote, rolling hills and glens to the north that include many of the famous whisky distilleries of the region.  Available in hard copy and download from SNH Publications.

Landscape fashioned by geology - Scotland: The Creation of its Natural Landscape, 1999 (Out of Print)

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For its size, Scotland has the most varied geology and natural landscapes of any country on the planet. The creation of its natural landscape is a fascinating story. This book tells it all. Available to read on-line at SNH Publications.

Moray Firth Partnership Topic Paper, 1998

Coastal Landform by Scotavia Images

 'Geomorphology and Coastal Defence' (1MB pdf)

Scottish Natural Heritage Information Service

Sandbanks (c) Scotavia

Use SNHi to find out more about natural heritage - SNH has collected data and information on many aspects of Scotland's environment - on species, habitats, special sites, landscapes, wild land, access, recreation, geology and landforms. SiteLink provides easy access to data and information about sites of national and international importance. You can view the extent of designated site boundaries, find out the important features of sites and download supporting documents.  SNHi web link.