MF SAC Management Group

Responsibility for managing the Moray Firth SAC is shared by the 'relevant authorities'. These are organisations that have statutory responsibilities through licencing or consenting the various activities or developments that take place in the Firth. These Authorities are required to make sure that the well-being of the dolphins, the condition of their habitat and the condition of the sandbanks are protected when they carry out their every day work. To facilitate effective management of the SAC the relevant authorities came together through a Management Group and this group has published a Management Scheme.

The Management Group generally meets twice a year and includes representatives from the following relevant authorities: The Port of Cromarty Firth, The Crown Estate, Dept of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, Marine Scotland, The Highland Council, Port of Inverness, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Moray Council, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, and Scottish Water. 

Management Group meeting minutes and other publications can be accessed here.

The current management group are:

Relevant Authorities (Members)



Marine Scotland

Paul Bancks

The Crown Estate

Doreen Bell

Scottish Water

John Macdonald

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Stephan Hennig

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Graham Grant

Port of Cromarty Firth

Colin Whittle

Port of Ardersier

Ben Leyshon

Scottish Natural Heritage

Gary Templeton

Moray Council

Capt. Ken Maclean

Inverness Harbour Trust

Sonia Mendes

Joint Nature Conservancy Committee

Inger Soderstrom

Dept of Energy and Climate Change

Shona Turnbull

The Highland Council

David West

Ministry of Defence



 Special Advisors (Non-members)


 PC Daniel Sutherland

Police Scotland