Rock Climbing

The Moray Firth coastline provides some spectacular locations for rock climbing, from the dramatic sea cliffs in Caithness to the small but worthwhile rock climbing outcrops in Moray.  

Areas along the Caithness coast with accessible climbing can be found at Latheronwheel, Mid Clyth, Occumster, Sarclet, Noss, Auckengill and Skirza.  Popular areas for climbing along the Moray coast can be found at Covesea, Cummingston and Logie Head.

For more information and publications relating to rock climbing go to the Scottish Mountaineering Club website.  The Inverness Mountaineering Club web site has information relating to climbing throughout the Highland area, including details of events.  The Moray Mountaineering Club is a hill walking club with a small group of rock climbing enthusiasts. Both groups meet regularly and extend a welcome to new members.

Rock Climbers