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Food provider, industrial base, seaway, playground, wildlife haven, home. The Moray Firth means all these things and more to people who live around it and benefit from its natural wealth.

The quality of this marine supersystem which sits like a salty wedge in the map of northern Scotland, is now internationally recognised. But like many coastal areas, it is feeling the squeeze as more and more demands are made on its resources.

Find out more about how we use and affect the Moray Firth by following these links.

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  • Norway Lobster
  • History
  • Fishing Today
  • Fishing and Environment
  • Salmon and Sea Trout

  • Oil:
  • Cetaceans and Oil Spills
  • Shoreline Protection Strategy Plan

  • Water Quality

    Shipping and Development:
  • Better Harbour access
  • Cromarty Firth Port Authority
  • Lighthouses

  • Tourism & Recreation:
  • Dolphin Space programme

  • Nature Protection

  • RAF Kinloss
  • RAF Lossiemouth
  • Fort George

  • Coastal Archaeology

    Coastal Threats:
  • What You Can do

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